Most people do not realize that the brain’s oxygen supply is cut off momentarily when a person has a stroke. The body’s blood supply is temporarily blocked, and the neurons in the brain go without oxygen. This is what causes most of the damage after a stroke. In mass, the brain takes up only a small part of the body, yet it requires more than 20 percent of the oxygen the body manufactures to sustain itself.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, helps supply this oxygen back to the brain for stroke victims and restores the neurons that have received the damage. The procedure also increases the stem cells that help the brain to develop new neurons. Here are some of the reasons doctors and stroke victims should consider HBOT as a reliable therapy:

• It relieves fluid build-up on and around the brain
• It sends oxygen outside of the blood vessels
• Gives the brain the right amount of energy to perform its tasks
• It helps improve the circulation of blood and oxygen in the brain

Most patients who have tried this therapy have seen an improvement in their quality of life. With so many positive results, it’s worth a try for the recovering stroke victim in your life.

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