Sports Injuries

CVAC Treatments For Sports Conditioning

Many athletes give up on sports after serious injuries, believing they can no longer be effective in competitions or they can no longer perform as well as they once did. Strains, sprains, concussions, fractures, deep wounds, and other injuries can take months to heal, putting you behind in fitness and sometimes requiring years of work to fully recover.

At the Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute in Irvine, CA, we have harnessed the capability of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat such sports injuries and move your body into faster healing. It works by spurring your body’s natural healing process, reducing swelling, and helping prevent scar tissue formation.

How hyperbaric treatment helps sports injuries

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, involves exposing the patient to pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube called a hyperbaric chamber. During this non-invasive, pain-free treatment, the patient gathers more oxygen than normal due to the pure oxygen content and the increased pressure in the hyperbaric chamber. Your blood then carries this oxygen throughout the tissues in your body, stimulating your system’s natural healing abilities. This ability to spur the body’s natural healing makes hyperbaric treatment a very effective method for treating sports injuries. HBOT can aid your sports rehab process by:

  • Reducing swelling and inflammation
  • Spurring faster healing of tissue and ligaments
  • Preventing hypoxia
  • Improving bone fracture healing
  • Reducing pain
  • Reducing the formation of scar tissue
  • Allowing you to return to training more quickly

Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute Executive Director Dr. Jolly-Gabriel notes that many professional athletes have used HBOT and returned to the game. It moves their bodies into faster healing and reduces the recuperation time, helping them get back to training and competing. This protects the leagues’ investments and ensures the athletes’ careers. Professionals in the NFL, NHL, and NBA have returned to peak performance in record time with hyperbaric therapy. Athletes can often suffer a major injury and be back in the game in as little time as a month later.

Common sports injuries treated with hyperbaric therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective at treating a wide range of sports injuries, potentially speeding up the healing process and reducing the time you’re in recovery. Some common sports injuries treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy include:

  • Concussions
  • Concussion symptoms
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Broken bones

It’s best to treat sports injuries as quickly as possible, ideally starting sports rehab and hyperbaric treatment within 24 to 48 hours after injury. If you’re dealing with a sports injury, contact our team at the Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute in Irvine, CA, for a free consultation to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is right for you. We’ll consult with you about the type of injury and develop a customized treatment plan to help you recover quickly and return to training and competing.

CVAC Therapy For Athletes

Athletes use CVAC to improve the efficiency of their fitness workouts or training regimen, increase their power and endurance, and improve their recovery time from injuries. The Benefits are similar to those gained through traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise, allowing you to achieve better oxygen utilization, and improved anaerobic energy production.

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