Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, may provide new hope for those who have cerebral palsy. People with cerebral palsy have trouble with learning, hearing, seeing, thinking and movement as a result of malfunctions in the brain and nervous system. HBOT has improved these functions in cerebral palsy research participants.

One of the challenge doctors have been faced with while treating this disease is shifting the lower blood flow and metabolism that occur in the brain when someone is affected with cerebral palsy. HBOT generates 20 times more oxygen through the body, which in turn increase the flow of blood to the brain. Regular HBOT treatments can promote new blood vessel growth, which means over time, the body begins to increase oxygen flow on its own.

Additionally, the increased oxygen supply can repair cell membranes and blood brain barrier damage that often leads to brain swelling. HBOT decreases that swelling, improves brain tissue and moves the body back toward its own natural healing mechanisms. The success of HBOT as a therapeutic approach in these cases is believed to be triggered because the body is not actively working to absorb oxygen on its own. More oxygen is available to improve metabolism and to clean cancer-causing free radicals from the blood.